The Federici family, originally from Ortonovo in the heart of the DOC "Colli di Luni" area, has a long farming tradition which they have maintained and handed down since the early 1900s. From Andrea, Carlo and Franco up to the arrival of Isa and Giulio Federici who in 1985 through the restoration of an old country house in Luni, decided to focus definitively on the growing of the Vermentino grape and on the production of quality wines:

“Viticulture is a family tradition that has accompanied us since we were born. Passion, patience and experience are the elements that underpin our identity as vintners; we feel that we are ambassadors of the culture of our land that drives us to conduct ourselves showing great care for the environment, climate, vineyards and men, and to produce distinctive wines with a unique character, that can express the aromas and flavours of the earth from which they come.”.

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Today, the business also has is the latest generation represented by our young people: Andrea, who looks after the agronomic and commercial aspects, and Luca, who as an enologist deals with the wine cellar and the administrative aspects of the business.

"The Vermentino is the gift of Giulio the founder: he has entrusted it to us, by encouraging us to improve over time, with a mission to invest by always focusing on quality, authenticity and taste." Andrea